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Made by the best, for the best.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we use the #1 cosmetic laboratory in California, who ensure the perfection of our products.

Perfection to us is not only the golden brown tone our Tanning Towels give but also the using the best ingredients for optimal skin benefits.

Created by a woman who believes in more.

I have always been an avid user of self tanners but never really looked into what I was applying. When I did, I found questionable ingredients all around. I could not find a brand that I could rely on for a pure color and one that would benefit my sensitive skin, especially my face, so I created my own.

I founded Endless Luxe with the purpose of allowing people to know what they apply on their body and why. We ensure honesty, quality and health in all things cosmetics, starting with self tanners. We are here to to make you confident in your own skin.

Our ingredients are hand-picked to ensure non-irritable solutions to benefit your skin. Our products are only made with real quality ingredients which are 100% cruelty free, vegan friendly and consist of anti-aging properties, antioxidants and a hydration boost.

Welcome to Endless Luxe. Welcome to true cosmetics.


Sofía Torre


No B.S. We say who we are.

I started my health and wellness journey a couple of years ago as @sofiatorrem. I have always been relatively healthy but never really payed attention to the ingredients I consumed and used on my body.

Due to a hormone imbalance, I became obsessed with the importance of a holistic health and wellness lifestyle and made a change.

Mi gordita hermosa!!

Endless Luxe 🤩